Amcor Education Series

The Amcor Education Series was created as a way to connect classroom lessons to live performing arts experiences. The series is designed specifically for students in grades PreK through 12 attending from private and public schools, state registered homeschools and state licensed family or group childcare centers.


Traditions. Culture. Music. Stories. People. These are all a part of the heritage that has made us who we are and sharing in our heritage provides a deeper understanding of where we came from and where we are going. Sharing in others’ heritage broadens our world-view and helps us to appreciate our differences and discover our similarities. 

This season, we invite your classrooms to help us celebrate and share the people, places and characters that have shaped our community to help them learn more about the world around us. On this journey, we hope your students find a deeper appreciation of the importance of heritage and enjoy an educational and enriching experience at the theater.

View our 2019-20 Season Brochure.

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